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Proclaimed as Australia's most danceable tango band, the Mendoza Tango Quartet will take you on a journey through the elegant dance halls to the underground tango clubs of Buenos Aires.

Made up of fiery Australian-based musicians specialising in the performance of traditional Argentinian tango music, the group is regularly invited to perform at many of Australia's tango dance festivals and events.

Featuring the quintessential passion of the bandoneón, the ensemble delivers an impassioned and gutsy performance without the cliché.
Ranging from the traditional dance music of the 1930s, the avant-garde of the 1970s and the music of the 21st century, tango's rich history is unravelled and brought to life.

Mendoza Tango Quartet featuring Solange Lipcin

Saturday 26 August 2023


Concert tickets can be bought separately ($30) or as part of some Festival packages (Bootcamp Weekend pass or Milonga package).


Seatings will be arranged around a dance floor, allowing tango dancers to enjoy a milonguita.

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